Rebates and Tax Credits

Newer, energy efficient HVAC equipment, combined with other efficiency measures like insulation and fuel switching, can help offset the expense of a new system. Several ways you can save:

ENERGY STAR® Equipment Rebates from Utility Providers
By purchasing efficient, Energy Star rated equipment, you may qualify for a several hundred dollar rebate from your utility provider. This typically requires replacement of your entire heating and cooling system, and is based upon the AHRI rating of the equipment. Fiasconaro HVAC can apply on your behalf, or provide the information you will need to apply. When you work with us, all rebates are sent directly to you, the homeowner.

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Federal and State Incentives
For customers installing heat pumps in 2023 and beyond, there are federal tax incentives to encourage customers to switch to electric heat pumps. We strongly encourage you to speak with a tax professional about these programs, as you must owe tax in order to receive tax credits. Customers should choose a system that will serve them well, whether or not they receive federal or state incentives.

Learn more about the Inflation Reduction Act, HEEHRA and HOMES from the following sites:

Fuel Switching to Natural Gas
There are currently attractive rebates for customers who switch from oil to PECO natural gas.

PECO Natural Gas Availability Map

How PECO Connects Natural Gas

Natural Gas Rebates